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Blogely’s vision is to give equal access to tools and equal opportunities to every creator in the world. Easy access to the original digital content marketplace for freelancers and their clients. Where they can create and manage content together.

What is Blogely?

Blogely creates an integrated content marketing platform and collaborative marketplace for professional writers, freelancers, and their clients. Provide the infrastructure for the production, management, marketing, sale, purchase and distribution of digital content with a particular focus on content originality. Create an environment for content creators to seize opportunities, develop thriving businesses, and generate income.

  • Unlimited articles
  • Unlimited notes & library
  • Editorial calendar
  • Versioning & templates
  • Backups & historical tracking
  • SEO optimization & keywords **
  • SEO recommended topics
  • Workflow management
  • Feedback & social sharing
  • 2 Portfolios
  • 20 Research Docs per mo
  • 16 Published articles per mo
  • Blog list sync
  • 1 Website
  • 5 Social connections



Why should you use Blogely?

  • Blogely Focused on Quality Create quality original content faster and easier using systematic research tools and well-organized content asset management in one central location.
  • Work smarter. Improve your productivity with a complete set of tools for creating content. Apply the strategy now – manage your entire workflow from start to finish in one place.
  • Help grow your business. Use Blogely’s capabilities to increase your content output. Allows you to generate more traffic, leads and sales with no hassle.

How does Blogely manage your blog?

sync your entire blog site list and begin improving your content in minutes

  • Sync your blog site: Sync your entire blog list in seconds with just one click. The system creates two-way sync with your current content.
  • Optimize & improve: Import specific articles (one at a time) that you want to improve and SEO optimize (or re-optimize). Easily track the progress.
  • Re-publish: Ready to post it back? One-click of the Publish button and your improved article content is back on your WordPress blog.

What are benifits of using Blogely?

Easy to use writing app

The simple and flexible user interface was intentionally designed to make it easy for you to create exceptional content with the rich text editor, asset panel, and drag-and-drop block outline system.

Complete organization

Organize everything – research, files, images, documents, versions, notes, templates, blocks, backups, schedule, portfolios, … literally everything in one central place and linked to your content.

Content discovery & research

Create a complete research document in minutes. Collect aggregated SERP results with questions and statistics. Quickly build the list of autocomplete and related keywords.

Full blog list sync

​Bring your entire blog article list in seconds. Decide and selectively import articles from this list for future improvement, optimization, or complete revision.

Quick SEO optimization

Simple SEO Optimization Score and easy focus keyword management without any technical knowledge or prior experience.

Easy import & export

Save time: no more irritating, time-consuming searches for your content in Google or Word docs.

Compete SEO heatmaps

Identify your competition on the selected topics, keywords to fight for, and measure your competition against those keywords. Get complete detailed SEO score for each competitor and each keyword.

Convenient plagiarism scanner

Scan for plagiarism with sophisticated Artificial Intelligence integrated third-party scanner by CopyLeaks. Review report side-by-side with your content for easy fixing.

Quick publishing to CMS

Publish your blog articles directly from Blogely to your connected websites without logging into WordPress (or any other connected CMS). It only takes seconds. Or republish your articles (after edits) on the same blogpost ID. A real time saver.

Editorial calendar

Plan content better with a simple editorial calendar for blog posts. Use easy drag-and-drop blocks to adjust your publishing schedule.


Manage content with folders. Move items between them quickly. Organize folders by topic or category or by client.

Workflow management

Treat any article like a mini-project. Quickly define multi-step process workflow with sequential and simultaneous substeps.

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The platform is completely simple, easy to navigate, and will definitely make your content creation and publishing work a breeze. Whether you’re a website owner, freelancer, or agency, Blogely is for you. Quality content = more leads = more traffic = more sales. What are you waiting for without buying it right at Blogely group buy. We always have cheaper than ever. Thanks for visiting!

You will get: Blogely Starter (Shared account)

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