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What is Big Content Search?

Big Content Search is the first search engine for Private Label Rights content. Database with over 225000 PLR articles and 1000 eBooks

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  • Access to 225,000+ PLR articles and 1,000+ PLR e-books
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Big Content Search 5.0
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Why should you use Big Content Search?

Big Content Search was created as a solution to a large number of PLR article packs sold on the Internet which are always stuffed in ZIP archives which makes them practically useless. Besides not being able to search articles, there are other problems like duplicate files, bad categorization and copyright infringement. Big Content Search takes care of all that. Our filters remove duplicates and copyright infringing content and our search engine makes it easy to find articles and ebooks you need.

Find great content to take your business to the next level

This is a real game changer, with that much content, the growth of your business will explode. Just imagine what you can do with all this stuff.

Build Money-Grabbing Niche Websites

  • With the main bottleneck (content!!) out of the way, you will be able to produce small niche websites at an astonishing pace. Just follow five easy steps: find a lucrative niche, create a blog, search for content, edit & publish content, build quality backlinks to your site. The last three steps are extremely easy and fast with BigContentSearch.

Create a New Info Product Every Week

  • With that many eBooks available at your fingertips you can create a new info product every week – with a complete sales funnel that includes squeeze pages, autoresponder and upsells. And you could even create a blog and post to it every week.

Easily Build Hundreds Of Quality Backlinks

  • Search engines are still one of the most important traffic sources for any website. But for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you need A LOT of content. With BigContentSearch you have 225,000 articles available to be spun and sent directly to your favorite submitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Under what license is this content offered?

  • It’s offered as Private Label content, also known as Private Label Rights. This is a type of license where authors giveaway or sell most or all of their rights to the content. This usually means you can modify the content, sell it, resell it, claim authorship etc. And if you change the product significantly you can even claim copyright.

I’ve heard I need to only use unique content but this content is shared.

  • There are many uses for private label articles and eBooks, many of them don’t include Google and “duplicate content” (think newsletters, ebooks, reports, membership sites). Also see next question.

Will Google penalize me for using “duplicate content”?

  • No, Google does not penalize duplicate content. Duplicate content is a myth. For example: most if not all news websites publish the exact same news stories they receive from one of the few news agencies (Reuters, Associated Press and others). That’s usually thousands of copies per each news story but none of the websites get penalized. And this is just one example.

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If you are a marketing agency, you should always be looking for articles and relevant content for client websites. BigContentSearch uses BigContentSearch to help you find inspiration. This tool can source hundreds of topic articles in a few clicks and find many articles on your needed topics. It shortens your copywriting research time from hours to minutes. Great! I would recommend it to you right now. Buy now at our Big Content Search group buy to own the best tool at the cheapest price. Thanks for reading!

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