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What is B2B Sales Management Bundle?

  • Everything a B2B Sales Management team needs for hiring, coaching, sales methodology, and pipeline reviews.
  • Who is this bundle for?
  • Startup Founders
  • Business Owners
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Leadership

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More Details:

  • Triangle Selling
  • Why the tips and tricks you find on social media don’t work
  • How to segment your market and identify your ideal customers
  • How to evaluate direct vs. indirect competition
  • Where your winning zone is and how to position your conversations where you win
  • How to use the Target Market Matrix instead of the old Ideal Customer Profile and why it works in 2021
  • How to use the tap into the emotions that drive buying decisions
  • How to turn features and benefits into pain questions
  • How to get prospects to willingly disclose urgency and priority
  • When to talk about your solution (it’s not at the start of a conversation)
  • The only 6 minutes of sales psychology you’ll ever need
  • To evaluate if your sales stages are slowing you down
  • How to control meetings and create urgency
  • The secret formula for closing deals fast – even complex sales cycles
  • How to avoid the 7 Deadly Deal Killers
  • How to uncover a prospects willingness and ability to buy from you
  • The difference between Handling Objections (old method) and Managing Resistance
  • How to conduct demos and presentations that convert to closed business
  • How to keep prospects engaged throughout the sales cycle. Especially complex sales
  • How to constantly get tons of high-quality referrals
  • What notes B2B sales pros take on sales calls and why
  • How to close inbound leads… they are not as warm as you think
  • How to Convert Trials and Pilots
  • Whether trials make sense for your business and for your customer?
  • The steps before initiating a trial, what are the key prospect resources you need to gather?
  • How to roll out trials and pilots in a way that ensures engagement
  • how to keep trial users from going dark during the evaluation process
  • How to tee up trials in a way that ensures success and won deals
  • How to Hire Salespeople Who Perform
  • The hidden challenges in hiring salespeople
  • How to define your hiring goals and target profiles
  • How to establish a competency model for benchmarking
  • How to create an experience model
  • How to generate high-quality, ongoing sales candidate referrals
  • How to nurture candidates throughout a competitive hiring process
  • The interview process that saves team bandwidth and earmarks the best candidates
  • How to define roles in the interview process
  • The Golden Phone Screen and why it’s highly effective with sales people
  • How to conduct effective chronological interviews
  • Why the experiential interview is the secret to unlocking sales performance
  • How to develop a scoring rubric that consistently evaluates the right criteria
  • How to evaluate your best candidates based upon data points collected in the process
  • How to introduce the framework to your team and hold folks accountable to the process
  • How to Coach SalespeopleThe five behavioral drivers essential for establishing a trust-based coaching relationship
  • How to identify the type of challenge a sales rep might be experiencing
  • How to identify the most impactful performance challenge you are trying to impact
  • How to get your sales reps to create their own action plan
  • How to ensure you are setting your sales reps up for success
  • How to articulate consequences (positive and negative)
  • How to hold yourself and your sales rep accountable to outcomes that move the needle
  • How to Run Powerful Pipeline Reviews
  • How to set up your CRM to so that SALESPEOPLE USE IT and capture the most critical deal information not anecdotes
  • How to create quantitative accountability driven by rep activity and performance
  • How both salespeople and managers must prepare for pipeline reviews
  • How to run effective and impactful pipeline review meetings
  • The Four Keys to driving productivity and impacting revenue
  • The Five Mistakes salespeople make in pipeline review meetings
  • How to create a culture of continuous improvement

You will get: B2B Sales Management Bundle

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