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Discover Aryel, a powerful WebAR marketing platform that helps brands and creative agencies launch engaging campaigns without coding skills or downloading apps.

What is Aryel?

Aryel is a no-code WebAR platform for creating, distributing, and evaluating augmented reality experiences. You may quickly create interactive WebAR experiences and share them with others via a personalized link. To discover more about your audience, track analytics and conversions on white-label ads.

Create professional commercial-use campaigns with premium content and features. Get the most out of Aryel, enjoy unlimited campaigns, license for commercial use and more. And you can always get in touch and improve you plan, based on your needs. Everything included in Free Plan, plus:

  • Unlimited WebAR campaigns
  • Up to 10,000 views / month included
  • Upload your own font and logo
  • Connect your custom domain
  • Analytics reports and dashboard
  • Invite members to your team

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In addition, features such as surface recognition, product visualization, interactive print, and face filters may be incorporated without the need for any coding knowledge.

Why should you use Aryel?

Your marketing mix is… okayish? Well, it looks like it needs a revamp while enhancing your engagement and optimizing your budget? Explore all the perks of AR and create your 100% custom-branded interactive experiences that can easily be shared through a link across different channels while receiving helpful insights about their performance.

Who is Aryel for?

  • You are a creator that wants to increase engagement rate and make your brand shine.
  • You are a digital agency that wants to design omnichannel strategies and add AR into the marketing ecosystem for your clients.
  • You are an SMEs that wants to beat the competition and showcase your products or services to attract new customers.
  • You are a startup that wants to create your first AR campaign even without a big budget to invest.

Aryel’s Features and Benefits

  • Create interactive settings using 3D models, movies, audio, CTAs, and other material.
  • Choose between different WebAR solutions, such as Marker-Based, Image-Tracking, Surface-Tracking, Geo-Based and Face-Tracking.
  • Share your campaigns with a simple URL.
  • Access to over 10,000 WebAR-ready 3D models.
  • Personalize your brand and create endless possibilities.
  • Improve your performance by tracking objectives and conversions.
  • Connect third-party apps to get extra marketing features.

What can Aryel do for you?

  • No coding skills

Enjoy our great drag & drop AR marketing platform and create your experiences from day one.

  • No app needed

No native apps to download: bring your content to over 3.5 billion users with a simple URL!

  • It only takes a cloud

Forget software and downloads, everything you need is securely stored in cloud, always accessible!

  • Enjoy full customization

From white-label to custom brand assets, unleash your creativity with complete personalization.

  • Connect with tools you love

Integrate Aryel into your existing tech stack, add pixels in a click, and save time and money.

  • Made for teams

Work with colleagues and clients from remotes, and manage your teamwork, setting roles and rules.

  • Up and running Always

+300K ready-to-use 3D assets & blog articles and resources to create the perfect AR strategy.

  • Close off- & online gap

Check the dashboard and track analytics and insights, to improve your marketing strategy day by day.

  • All-in-one AR platform

From Face & Surface to Geolocation, Aryel has all the features you need to create cool AR experiences.

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Finally, the Simple Interface makes it a must for Aryel to design campaigns within minutes. Then conveniently share them across the right platforms. Self-prove is an extremely important tool for marketers who prefer AR over other creative marketing techniques.

Some of the notable features of AR in marketing include: virtual trials, face filters and effects, enhanced locations, and interactive printing. AR marketing campaigns engage customers and increase engagement to a level of excellence that ultimately helps brands achieve remarkably large reach. Well, listening to this, you must have wanted to buy it right away, right? Click on our Aryel group buy to get the best price. Thanks for visiting!

You will get: Aryel Pro (Individual)

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