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Artgrid is new footage licensing site created by the people behind Artlist. It will offer unlimited downloads of footage in up to 8K resolution on a subscription-based model just like Artlist.

What is Artgrid?

Artgrid is a platform that provides access to a large library of professional vintage footage. With this tool, you’ll discover story-driven footage from today’s top cinematographers from around the world. You get unlimited access to pre-made videos that you can use in your own video projects.

  • Video Themes
    If you don’t have a theme for your project yet, it doesn’t matter. This tool has Video Topic categories to narrow down your search. Some of the categories that Artgrid offers: Abstract, Animation, Aerials, Agriculture, Animals & Wildlife, Professions & Hobbies, Business, Education, Elements of Nature, Fashion, Food & Drinkm, Green Planet, Home, Industrial, Lifestyle, Love, Medical & Health, Nature & Landscape, Culture & Religion, Sports & Fitness, etc.
  • Shot Type
    The next feature is to search footage based on footage types. This is the one-of-a-kind search option that Artgrid offers. It allows you to add multiple filters at once to find photos based on certain qualities like: Framing, Close-Up, Macro, Medium, Long Shot, Camera Movement, Tripod, Handheld, Smooth Movement
  • People
    Finally a feature I think is very subtle. It allows you to explore footage based on several types of people such as: Ethnicity, Age, Gender
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Why should you use Artgrid?

Artgrid understands that your work and time are of great value. So this tool is mission is to provide you with the best footage available in a simple and easy way that fits naturally into your creative workflow. This engine delivers unmatched quality footage, shot with today’s best camcorders like the Arri , Red and Phantom in a variety of formats up to 8K and Raw.

Who should use Artgrid?

Artgrid is a great source of footage for amateurs, freelancers and professionals alike. This tool can also be suitable for live streamers and YouTubers who want to make money on the platform.

What makes Artgrid different?

Here are the features that make it special in my opinion:

  • Stories
    This tool’s collection of antique footage is organized in a different way than I’ve seen in previous tools. While other sites tend to feature clips independently, Artgrid filmmakers display groups of clips in a collection known as a “story”. Stories contain between 3 and 100 clips and contain clips arranged in a common theme, a common place.
  • Artgrid’s Filmmakers
    It has worked really hard to put together one of the best footage licensing catalogs available today. This tool is filmmakers span the globe. Their scenes are shot in various places such as: outdoors, indoors, using natural light, building their own set, at Hollywood Studios, using the best camera equipment available on the market. and dive deep underwater to get the perfect shot.
  • Classification of Footage
    As filmmakers, they are constantly searching for the perfect shot. So they invested a lot of time in this tool and categorized this tool is footage to make it easy for you to find.
  • Clip length
    Clips vary in length depending on how each filmmaker is shot and stitched, but each clip is typically between 4 and 20 seconds long.
  • Clip each story
    Each story has a different length depending on the creativity of each person.

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In the end, we are sure that this tool has a great background, great footage, a very intuitive interface and a reasonable price. The platform is beautifully designed and all the footage has an artistic touch, you definitely won’t find any amateur footage. I recommend you buy now at our Artgrid group buy to get the best tool and many other great deals waiting for you. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for reading!

You will get: Artgrid Pro (Shared Account)

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