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Artboard Studio is the best online modeler. Design, animate, and present your projects with an extensive library of mockups right in the browser with your team.

What is Artboard Studio?

Artboard Studio is the first online graphic design application mainly focused on product mockups. Effortlessly create your product presentation images and social media promotional banners right from your browser.

  • Illustrations
    Choose from our extensive library of shapes and illustrations and customize them as you wish.
  • Free Canvas Size
    Resize your canvas at any time, to any size you want, according to your project’s requirements.
  • Filters
    Enhance your photos using our easy to use image filters, and achieve better and more realistic results.
  • Google Fonts
    Hundreds of free fonts at your disposal. Create better typographic designs with ease.
  • Background Textures
    A collection of surface textures for walls, grounds, tables etc. to create photorealistic environments.
  • Free Stock Images
    Choose from thousands of high quality stock photos, and use them for free to enhance your visuals.
  • Text Templates
    An ever-growing 1-click pre-designed text templates library to help you get started faster.
  • Preset Sizes
    Set your canvas size to one of our up-to-date standard social image sizes with the click of a button.
  • Layers
    Customize your scene by easily adjusting the stack of your mockup items, just drag and drop.
  • Custom Shadow
    Customize the item shadows, using our easy to use custom shadows menu.

Artboard Studio

Why should you use Artboard Studio?

Artboard Studio Lightning fast, simple to create. Everything in your browser. An ever-growing library of premium templates and models. Present your designs to your clients directly from Artboard Studio. Branding components. Curve your design with objects, instant preview.

Who should use for?

Freelance Designers

If you are a freelance designer, you no longer have to surf the web to find suitable and affordable mockups for hours. With Artboard Studio all of your mockup items are in one place, they fit seamlessly together, and you don’t have to download anything. Save your time and your money.

Advertising Agencies

If you are an advertising agency you need mockups every day. Downloading gigabytes of PSD mockup files is time consuming and inefficient. ArtboardStudio makes this process faster and easier, you can now create mockups in minutes and present them to your clients.

Packaging Designers

Packaging designers look for photorealistic results to present their designs to their clients in a more effective way. ArtboardStudio includes a vast variety of packaging mockups and they all fit together, from jars to cans, doypacks, boxes, bottles etc.

UI, UX Designers

After you finish your brilliant UI/UX design idea, you need to present it to your clients or share it on your personal portfolio. Before ArtboardStudio, you were only limited to Photoshop and had to spend hours on finding device mockups. Artboard Studio has all you in one place, drag & drop your design into Artboard Studio and export the results in minutes.


If you are an illustrator, you no longer need to present your art on a flat piece of paper. With Artboard Studio, you can effortlessly showcase your artwork in different environments and have a better impact on your clients or your viewers.

Social Media Marketers

Do you have a product or a service to promote on social media? Are you short on budget to hire a photographer or a professional designer? With Artboard Studio you can do it yourself, it’s easy to learn and use, and it contains all of the content that you need, and you can share on your social media channels directly from Artboard Studio.

Effective ways to engage viewers and convert them into customers?

  • Increase your sales by using eye-catching promotional images
  • Integrate with your favorite platforms and services
  • Upload your own designs and create the best mockups
  • Thousands of model items have been cleaned for better compositions

Freelancers, agencies and enterprises have been using this tool. How about you? Shop now at our Artboard Studio group buy to get the most amazing tool at the cheapest price you can’t find it anywhere. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for visiting!

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