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AMZ Chart tool Boost Sales Up To 200%. With 9 marketplace, over 100,000,000 products, the best Amazon BSR & Product Research Tool that can help you find high potential products.

What is AmzChart?

Amz Chart is an Amazon product research tool based on Amazon BSR data analytics, which has the best name in the industry and has helped 2000 Amazon sellers to increase their revenue.

  • Support All 9 Marketplace
  • Product Search: Unlimited
  • Product Refresh: 100 Daily
  • Product Export: 100 Daily
  • Keyword Search: 100 Daily
  • Keyword Export: 100 Daily
  • Access to Market Insight
  • Access to Charts
  • Hijacker Alerts: Up to 80
  • Product Tracking: Up to 80
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Why should you use AmzChart?

In a short time, Amz Chart has become the favorite product research tool of thousands of customers. For a lot of reasons in the features it offers. It keeps you up to date with the latest products on Amazon, and it’s great value in Amazon’s product analysis. Endless product data you can get from this tool. The product research section is amazing because they’ve dug into the most intimate details about Amazon BSR products, and you can get endless product inspiration when researching and sourcing products.

What will AmzChart bring you?

  • Amazon BSR Analysis
    Discover high potiential & low competition niches hiding in Amazon BSR, reveal the secrets of winning items.
  • AMZ Categories Insight
    Insight all Amazon categories, find the most profitable niche market in just 1 minute.
  • Product Tracking
    Tracking product performance of your competitors. Get alert email when your listing is hijacked.
  • Keyword Scout
    Research competitors’ keywords with reverse ASIN lookup & find the best one for your AMZ business.

How to Propel Amazon BSR and Increase the Sales?

With 9 marketplace, over 100,000,000 products, updated daily, Always one step ahead!

  • Amz Chart currently supports markets in the US, Japan, India, Germany, France, Spain, United Arab Emirates, the UK and Mexico, covering tens of millions of products. Amazon BSR measures the popularity & sales of a product, based on its category & sub-category. By analyzing BSR data, you can locate the high demand & low competition products, boost your sales, and improve your BSR accordingly.

Discover niche categories to propel your Amazon BSR

  • The competition of category & sub-category is also fierce, to rank your products higher in Amazon BSR , the choice of category is essential. With Amz Chart, up to 10 levels of Amazon category path are revealing, you will know which niche category you are going to dive into to get more sales.

Spy on your competitors and always keep a step ahead

  • Knowledge precedes victory. Why your competitors rank higher than you? This is what you have to research. Track their changes of product Amazon best sellers rank (BSR) regarding every metrics, and take steps to rank ahead of your competitors.

Optimize your product listing with Keyword Scout

  • In addition to categorizing your products, you also want to optimize each of your product listings. Using reverse ASIN lookup to spy on your competitors keywords strategy, and find the best keywords & long-tail keywords to promote your products. Finally, you can improve your visibility in search results.

Amazon Price History Tracker Plugin

  • The historical price line chart of the product is automatically displayed in the Amazon product detail page.
  • Drag the bar to view all historical prices of the product.
  • The plugin is easy to download.
  • Plugin details.

Get professional guidance, and rank your products on Amazon

  • Wherever you are in your seller journey, we can help. Our Amazon experts have been professionally trained, and provide professional guidance through video tutorials, blogs, reports, etc., aiming to increase your sales up to 200%.

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With a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface, it is really easy to use and allows you to find high-value niches very quickly. It helps you better understand your sales performance and identify areas for improvement. I would recommend it to anyone looking to boost their Amazon business. We offer affordable tools for those on a tight budget. Buy now at our IMNuke to own the best tool.

You will get: AmzChart Pro (Shared account)

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