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Boost the performance of your Facebook and Instagram Ads with AddResponse. IMNuke Xin presents a powerful solution based on artificial intelligence that automatically deletes negative comments from Facebook & Insta.

What is AddResponse?

AddResponse automatically detects and removes negative comments from Facebook and Instagram posts. By eliminating trolls, comment hijackers, and spam, AddResponse helps create a positive environment in the comments section.

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Why should you use AddResponse?

  • Easily get rid of the trolls, the comment hijackers, the naysayers and trust destroying comments
  • Create better buyer intent in the traffic that comes to your landing pages and get more conversions
  • Capture on-the-edge visitors and get more traffic to your landing page
  • Get a single interface to manage comments from all your pages and profiles
  • Reply templates make it easy for you to send personalized and customized replies to everyone in seconds
  • Saves you time and lets you focus on important things like family and friends
  • Lower your ad costs by getting more clicks per ad dollar spent
  • Get more organic visitors by getting higher engagement and appearing in organic feeds more often
  • Brings back visitors again and again to your post because they get notifications about your replies
  • Works not only for ads but also for organic posts on Facebook and Instagram

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Connect Your Pages
    Connect your Pages & Profiles with AddResponse
  • Step 2: Unleash It!
    AddResponse automatically monitors your comment
  • Step 3: Reap It!
    Watch your trust and traffic build up.

AddResponse Upsells:

  • It Kicks Out All Trolls, Hijackers & Abusers,
  • Get Positive Sentiment In Your Comments At all Times,
  • Get The Maximum Number Of Conversions & Sales From Your Ads,
  • Lower Your Cost & Increase Your Ads RoI,
  • Manage Comments On All Your Posts & Profiles In One Place,
  • Powerful Sentiment Analysis AI Keeps Your Customer Trust High,
  • Get Positive RoI From Campaigns That Didn’t Make Money Earlier,
  • Get More Engagement & Likes Thanks To Higher Interest From Visitors,
  • Drive More Traffic To Your Landing Pages For Same Dollar Spending,
  • Identify Trolls Easily & Keep Them Away Forever,
  • Make Your Pages A Safe Place For Everyone, Including Children,
  • Make More Sales, Get More Conversions & More Loyal Customers.
  • Powerful AI bases SAAS monitors your posts at all time & cleans up to dirt,
  • Automatically removes all insults and abuses,
  • Automatically removes all posts mentioning your competition,
  • Automatically remove any stop words you want to keep out,
  • Automatically removes all the comments with links,
  • Powerful sentiment analysis AI engine removes negative comments,
  • Single place to manage your comments across multiple FB & Insta accounts,
  • 100% flexible. Make it as strict or easy as you want,
  • Hide, Delete, Ban, Approve, Reply… From a single interface for all accounts,
  • Give access to your team members & support staff,
  • Manage your ad posts or even your organic posts.
  • 4x the Facebook pages
  • 4x the Instagram profiles
  • Processes 10x the comments
  • AI customization feature
  • Team access
  • Commercial License
  • Readymade sales page to get clients
  • 2 years of free upgrade
  • Agency buyers can sell addResponse to their customers using our funnels and keep 100% of the profits.. They also get a readymade sales page to help them sell immediately.
  • Powerful autoresponder for Facebook comments that has helped generate tens of thousands of sales and leads for its customers.
  • Powerful messenger list-building and marketing SAAS that will help your customers build their list on Facebook and then sell to them.

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If you want to be a successful Ecom or PPC marketer, your ads need to work. Your ads need to give you every sale they can make. This software helps you get that. Get your hands on this great tool at IMNuke today!

You will get: FE + OTO1 (Individual account)

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