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Vidstep is a simple yet powerful tutorial video maker. Create superfast video demonstrations and processes to provide customer support and guidance teams.

What is Vidstep?

Vidstep is an instructional, smart video app that helps you easily create “click, play, do” instructional video content for product demos, sales, team support and micro courses.

  • Unlimited steps to add to a Vidstep
  • Unlimited products to list in a Vidstep
  • View all content
  • Access to Vidstep Creator Studio
  • Create and share private content
  • Add your own color theme

Vidstep Premium

Why should you use Vidstep?

  • This tool makes it easy to turn your videos into step-by-step instructional guides without any complex production or editing skills.
  • To get started, just upload your existing video or create a screen recording within it. Then add your steps, descriptions, and any resource documents.
  • You can link a Vidstep to other Vidsteps in order to create a workflow or series of instructional videos.
  • List any products or services you have shown in the video, so that viewers can click to buy or access—perfect for affiliate promotions and sales videos.

How does it work?

Easy as 1 – 2 – 3. Vidstep’s platform allows your business to record, upload, and manage a library of video materials that range from product demos to instructional series. Our affordable pricing plans were designed with your marketing and sales costs in mind, so you can operate at a scale that best matches your needs.

Step 1: Record Your Video

  • Record your screen and your voice, or upload a file to start your Vidstep.

Step 2: Add Your Steps

  • Quickly and easily create your steps in our studio by adding a title and description.

Step 3: Publish Your Vidstep

  • Once you’ve added all your steps and any resources that go with this tool, publish and share.

Who should use Vidstep?

Built for Product Demonstrations

  • Whether you’re an individual entrepreneur or a small-to-medium business owner, instructional videos are an effective way to show potential customers how your product works. They’re a clear sign of your expertise and your willingness to go the extra mile for your customers.

Built for Business

  • Training new hires and keeping existing team members sharp is no easy feat—especially when you’re separated by screens. Information can get lost in translation and recruits might struggle to stay engaged. Give your team the instructions they need, when they need them

Built for Agencies

  • For many agencies and consultants, managing multiple brands and clients can be overwhelming. That’s why we built it to offer faster, simpler and more impactful video creation.

Benefits of optimizing your Instructional Videos

Save Time and Money

By merging tools and auditing technologies, daily operations become more efficient and reduce human error. You cut costs and lift some weight off your shoulders while increasing your return on investment.

Increase Productivity

  • Perhaps the most obvious benefit of business optimisation is boosted productivity and efficiency. Incorporating protocols and procedures that define how you should approach tasks can simplify and speed up complex operations.
  • Instead of wasting time and resources on tasks that require manual input, you can automate administrative work and focus on bigger-picture responsibilities. By spending less time on menial tasks like sharing and uploading videos, you can focus on more meaningful efforts like content quality.

Gather Accurate Information

  • Optimising and automating data analytics ensures that you avoid costly errors. In addition, automation tools can help you adhere to industry and federal regulations, guaranteeing compliance within your business operations.
  • Data software ensures that the right employees access the appropriate data, with confidential information protected by authorisations.

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