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Ultimate Traffic Boost system is an innovative modular, complete marketing system with just the right amount of features, covering lead generation, email marketing, bonus offering, training, money making and traffic on auto pilot.

What is Ultimate Traffic Boost?

Ultimate Traffic Boost allows you to give away traffic packages to build your list coupled with traffic video courses. A full referral system built in with multiple squeeze pages to choose from you pick the page, lead options go into your list and then that lead is tagged to you for life.

Ultimate Traffic Boost
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Why should you use Ultimate Traffic Boost?

  • Sell your leads High-Converting traffic
  • Sell dfy lead campaigns, dfy funnels of our best-selling products and dfy bonuses for instant 50% commission
  • Send real buyer traffic to your own offers or affiliate offers
  • Unlock the built-in referral system to start a never-ending loop of profits
  • No pandemic can stop you be a part of a recession-free business
  • Be in control of your own destiny you don’t need to be an expert

Who should use Ultimate Traffic Boost?

Ultimate Traffic Boost Is The Ultimate Solution For Everyone Who Wants To Make Instant Money:

  • For online business owners or service providers & marketers
  • For everyone who wants to make a mark in the present digital day & age
  • For beginners who want to begin making profits instantly
  • For experienced people who want to multiply their profits with no extra effort or earn a side income
  • For those who want to maintain a loyal customer base & keep them happy with great offers
  • For those who want to avoid shelling out all their money on expensive funnel and hosting service providers.
  • For those who want get started with a highly profit-making business without wasting precious years and getting exhausted along the way

More details:

  • List building system
  • Full referral system
  • Free traffic
  • Upgrades built in
  • Full tracking
  • Pixel conversions
  • 12 traffic courses built in
  • Full free and paid tools section
  • Six monetized upgrades ready to go
  • Over 50 DFY lead campaign
  • Over 200 bonuses to use
  • DFY bonus builder
  • DFY lead builder
  • 100% acceptance for all affiliate links
  • Multiple squeeze pages DFY
  • New squeeze pages added weekly
  • New lead campaigns added
  • This huge upgrade allows you to offer all six unlockable modules of Ultimate Traffic Boost at once:
  1. Cash Boost
  2. Bonus Boost
  3. Lead Boost
  4. Traffic package – 2500 Visits
  5. Traffic boost – 5000 Visits
  6. Traffic package – 10,000 Visits
  • Buying this upgrade then allows you to offer the Cash Accelerator for a one time fee, which massively discounts buying the modules one by one (By a huge $350 less). Your affiliate ID is hard-linked to the Cash Accelerator for life, and this offer is pushed to your leads by our sophisticated back-end system. Everytime someone purchases or upgrades – you get paid a commission. Completely hands-free.
  • This is the easiest way to earn big commissions with this platform.
  • As a bonus for purchasing this you will receive a free 2500 traffic package added to your account
  • This upgrade unlocks the High-Ticket section of Ultimate Traffic Boost and will grant you commissions of $1000 a pop.
  • Anytime this is unlocked by any of your leads (that are brought in by your referral pages or traffic packages) you will be paid $1000. This will also be built into the full follow-up system to give you the maximum change of making the commissions.
  • As a bonus for purchasing this you will receive a free 5000 traffic package added to your account.
  • Infinite Income is the amazing system behind all that powers the Ultimate Traffic Boost.
  • By unlocking this massive upgrade, you will not only get Ultimate Traffic Boost firing at it’s full capability – you will also get access to the Traffic Toolbox.
  • This will allow you to give away an entire traffic platform (not just visitors) in order to build up a huge list. Nothing like this has ever been done before.
  • Just like UTB – it also has three upgrades that can be unlocked by anyone you refer into your own system. Resulting in HUGE regular commissions.
  • Also includes api integrations, full referral system, full tracking system, tutorials, tools and much more. You will also get all the tools unlocked for your own use.
  • As a bonus for purchasing this you will receive a free 10,000 traffic package added to your account.


This software has already made the profit-making journey worth everyone’s time & investment without them lifting a finger! I recommend you buy it now at our Ultimate Traffic Boost group buy to own the best tool at the cheapest price. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for reading!

You will get: Ultimate Traffic Boost FE + OTO1 (Individual)