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Rankr is the solution for SEO beginners. You don’t need any prior experience or tech skills! As full-time online marketers, they understand the power of ranking. So they have created a solution for you and their students which will eliminate all the hard work and waste of time to achieve the top ranking in the major search engines.

What is Rankr?

Imagine what would happen if you could achieve a page 1 ranking for a search term of your choice. Rankr is 1-click SEO software unlock Google first page rank, free buyer traffic and more importantly sales for your business!

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Why should you use Rankr?

Think for a moment the Internet is where we all look for information. And more now, with recent events in the world. We are spending more and more time on the internet and spending more money online than ever before. Thanks to Rankr, you can now build high ranking websites in any niche to increase traffic, sales. Rankr made for newbies – easy to use, anyone can start getting page one ranking by installing Rankr in their website!

What are the benifits of using Rankr?

  • Get on Google page 1 Easily & Quickly
  • Unlocks free buyer traffic from Google
  • Optimize any post you want in seconds
  • Finds 1000s of Keywords you can Rank for
  • Create backlinks for your sites
  • Made for newbies – It’s simple and easy to use
  • Unlimited sites license

Rankr OTO upsells:

  • Optimize Any Post You Want in Seconds
    Based on proven ranking factors, this tool gives you a step by step guide on what you need to optimize in your posts in order to rank on Google page 1! You can literally start optimizing your sites for SEO in seconds from now
  • Find 1000s of Keywords You Can Rank For
    Add any keyword, hit search and it will instantly give you 100s of keywords you can rank for. You can use those keywords to create your posts, add as tags or to add inside your text, this feature alone can get you 100s of page one rankings so you can get more leads, visitors and buyers to your sites!
  • Create Backlinks For Your Sites
    Insert any link you want and create backlinks for your sites backlinks play a huge hole on SEO and without backlinks you won’t rank any site, it’s plain and simple! So Rankr solves that problem for you by creating high quality backlinks that give your sites the link power they need to rank and stick on Google!
  • DFY SEO Tagging
    99% of people actually ignore a very important SEO factor for their wordpress sites and those are tags, with wordpress tags you can rank better than your competitors and also get free traffic from related keywords on your site.
    So imagine you’re ranking for the keyword weight loss but you have the SEO tag ‘weight loss for moms’ in your post, you’ll end up ranking for both keywords (weight loss and weight loss for moms) that’s how important tags are, it will enable you to rank for multiple keywords with no hard work!
  • Social Signals
    Of course social media is everywhere right now – share your site and posts all around the web so you can get that instant traffic & of course social signals that help with SEO.
  • Made For Newbies
    This tool is made for newbies – easy to use, anyone can start getting page one rankings by having Rankr installed in their sites!
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You see, if you’re struggling to get your sites and posts on page 1 of Google/Bing, it’s not your fault! So what is the solution you have now? Click buy now at our website to own the best tool. If you have any doubts, you can read Rankr review on other social media platforms and come back here with us. We wait for you!

You will get: Rankr Plugin (Zip files)