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The world’s first intelligent and powerful interest cloud tool, InterestExplorer. Helps you target your Facebook campaign more precisely. Read on to see the details of this tool.

What is InterestExplorer?

InterestExplorer is a Facebook interest targeting tool reveals many hidden Facebook interests you can target and can help advertisers of all sizes to lower their costs and reach more relevant audiences.

  • Find hidden interests in any niche
    Use the search bar to explore a broad topic. Within seconds you’ll be browsing a list of all hidden interests.
    Search interests in 43 different languages
    Sort results by audience topic or audience size
    Lookup the interest on Facebook or Google in 1-click
  • Narrow search results by audience size
    Use the filters to narrow down the results by audience size and increase relevancy by excluding certain topics.
    Define a minimum and maximum audience size
    Exclude certain topics or specific words
    Save time by hiding already saved interests
  • Save time and stay super organized
    Save your interest finds into projects that you can add to over time, so you’ll avoid having to repeat any research.
    Save interests into an unlimited number of projects
    Categorize projects around topic or client name
    Searches are saved to avoid duplicate research
  • Laser-target with built-in layering
    Create layers of interests so that you force Facebook to show your ads just to the hottest leads and buyers.
    Create as many interest layers as you need
    Distribute your interests randomly with a single click
    Drag-and-drop to perfect your interest layers
  • Effortlessly pull interests into Facebook
    Copy your interests to the clipboard, export them to a CSV file or apply them straight into existing ad sets.
    Copy in the right format for Facebook Ads Manager
    Export your finds into a downloadable CSV file
    Upload interests into existing Facebook ad sets

InterestExplorer group buy


Why should you use InterestExplorer?

Facebook is becoming a major publicity hub on social media, which shows that Facebook Ads are increasingly responsive to user needs. Interest Explorer is considered Facebook’s smartest tool. This tool is now used by many Facebook advertisers because it allows you to discover greater Facebook interest.

What can you do with InterestExplorer?

Whether you are running ads for e-commerce, affiliate, local businesses or consultancy, our Facebook interest targeting software helps you quickly find hidden Facebook interests.

Without our Facebook interest targeting tool

  • Facebook suggests just 25 interests for any input keyword inside Facebook Ads Manager.
  • These same 25 suggestions are given to all advertisers, so they’re highly competitive.
  • You’ll have to guess input keywords, hoping Facebook returns relevant interests to target.

With our Facebook interest targeting tool

  • InterestExplorer uses Facebook’s API to list all interests in any niche (even the tiny ones).
  • These hidden interests are more targeted and have less competition than the “public” ones.
  • Enter a broad topic and browse 1000’s of hidden Facebook interests – in just seconds!

What do you get from the purchase of InterestExplorer?

  • You will have access to more than a thousand secret Facebook interests that your rivals can’t discover without spending hours doing investigation. It also means that you will save a ton of time by using this software. You’ll see that the interests listed did not cross your thoughts at all.
  • Since the analytics tool provides you with hidden facts for each interest, even if they are all piled in one ad package, you can test interests for less money. Put an end to the guesswork you previously performed. Of course, say good-bye to using your split testing money.
  • You may amp up the insights using the Chrome Extension that highlights the targetable interests. Since you can see it right away, there’s no need to waste time copying and pasting to determine whether the interest can be narrowed down.

So read this far, have you found your answer yet? I hope that you will find this article useful. Buy now at InterestExplorer group buy to receive the most attractive offers. Thank you for reading our InterestExplorer review!

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