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Idvert Group Ltd, which was established in 2009, aspires to be the most expert global performance-based network in the affiliate marketing sector. Follow me to learn more about Idvert and how effective it is.

What is Idvert?

Idvert is the leading Market Interligence platform in the industry that provides a full range of offer data analysis, including social and DSP advertising offer.

  • Multi-premium filters and retrieval options help you to easily find the creatives you need
  • Real-time data updating
  • Great value with low costs
  • Engagement trending daily monitoring
  • 600 search and content view limit per day
  • Detail AD analysis and advertising strategy
  • Access to full E-commerce data base (Shopify+COD)

Idvert pricing

Why should you use Idvert?

  • You may use the platform’s cool capabilities to dig deeper into competition campaigns and learn how Cash On Delivery (COD) and imitation advertisers are utilizing Facebook and Google Search to increase sales.
  • The platform covers other forms of advertising including games and apps in addition to its primary concentration on cross-border e-commerce creatives and knockoff data.

Who should use for?

  • If you are a multifaceted marketer, you might require more than a spy tool to stay on top of trends.
  • The platform has a promising future as the go-to eCommerce platform for social advertisers in the field of social advertising.
  • You need any competitive advantage you can acquire to succeed as an advertiser or affiliate marketer. Idvert can support you.

Features of Idvert


  • When you first log in you’re gonna be presented with the dashboard where you can find ad samples to analyze.
  • Use the search function to find domains, keywords or app names.
  • Sort the data by category, search position, ads type, marketing objective and device, to give you results tailored to your search.
  • There’s also a range of filters you can apply to find the most comprehensive, latest and hottest ads, and filter by likes, shares, comments and days in effect.

Creative Types

  • This platform is unique in that it shows trending COD (cash on delivery) and FP (fake product) ads.
  • There’s also a wealth of data on different marketing objectives such as PPE (post page engagement), WC (website conversions) and APP installs and you can search for image, video or carousel creatives.
  • Idvert allows advertisers to find popular ads and trends and profit from them early on.
  • You’re gonna be able to spot rising products and look for patterns in creatives and landing pages that are being used in high performance campaigns.
  • An extra feature that we love about the tool is the ability to download creatives, including video so you can save and compare competitor ads and get your own campaigns up and running in record time.

Advertiser Search

  • If you know the name or URL of the advertiser you wanna look-up, pop it in the search bar.
  • From here you can view all the creatives the advertiser is running, along with historical data and also will be able to apply any filters you want to the search.
  • You’ll also find stats on the Advertiser Domain Analysis and Traffic Sources, complete with outgoing links that you can research to help optimize your own site or page.

Offer Analysis

Idvert’s Offer Analysis is where is what really sets Idvert apart. Offer Analysis is intricately broken into 4 parts; Traffic Sources, GEO, Publisher, and Money Page.

  • Traffic Source
  • GEO Analysis
  • GEO Analysis
  • GEO Analysis

Idvert features

Truth be told, Idvert is unlike any other Spy Tool we’ve come across. It has unique perspectives and insights you never thought possible.
We know you’re just as excited as we are about Idvert. As evidenced by our comprehensive Idvert Review, it’s a tool you shouldn’t miss. More importantly, BlackHat entrepreneurs now have a Spy Tool worth their time and budget. So what are you waiting for without buying it now? Buy now at our Idvert group buy. I believe it will be a great tool for you. Thank you for reading our Idvert intro!


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