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What is iAmAffiliate ?

iAmAffiliate is a forum where affiliate marketers can exchange best practices and high-quality access materials to expand their businesses and online followings.

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FE – iAmAffiliate – $599.4/y

  • Be The First To Know What’s Working Right Now
  • Private Access To Attila’s Best Kept Secrets
  • Receive Free Guidance That’s Worth Thousands
  • Network With Successful Likeminded Individuals
  • Unique Joint Venture Opportunities

The best features

1. Step-to-step tutorials

  • These can help you improve your skills and become familiar with, among other things, monitoring software, spying, developing creatives, and scaling adverts. The iAmAttila team has tackled every area of PPC advertisement production in an appealing and participatory manner.

2. Detailed how-tos

  • These will help you optimize and enhance everything. They serve as a natural development from the lessons and give various valuable information. Due to the dynamic nature of the business, the forum is continually updated with fresh subjects.

3. Advertising space

  • You are welcome to post advertisements on the forum if you are a company owner or affiliate marketing expert who wishes to offer your own service to community members.

4. 6 & 7 figures case studies

  • Yes, it is proper. This is your opportunity to learn what it takes to earn millions with PPC advertising. Examine the reasoning and decision-making behind the most effective advertisements and strive to imitate them!

5. Communication with experts

  • You might be able to learn everything on your own, but why not take the simpler route and seek expert assistance? Since iAmAffiliate is composed of several knowledgeable individuals, you will obtain a response to any question, even if it is only loosely associated with PPC marketing. You also have the option of requesting their advice on other subjects.
  • iAmAffiliate offers a plethora of additional services to help you expand your company and grow professionally!

What makes iAmAffiliate different from others?

  • iAmAffliate is unique in that the platform is constantly updated. Many other sites discuss general topics as well as old, obsolete tactics that don’t work or are too competitive.
  • There are also forums that only address a particular niche or traffic source, all of which are based on who their sponsor is and who pays the sponsorship fees.
  • iAmAffiliate is unique in that the website is regularly updated with current, real-time approaches, tips, and tricks. For example, everyone is currently dealing with Facebook bans.
  • They include step-by-step guidance on how to prevent and deal with bans, as well as how to build new accounts. It’s tips like this, among many others, that classify iAmAffiliate as special and important to the issues that affiliate marketers face today.

Pros and cons:


  • Instructors’ Expert Opinions
  • Cooperative Community
  • Detailed case studies of 6- and 7-figure businesses
  • Marketing opportunities for direct mail
  • Feedback in real-time
  • Newbies’ guides to all traffic sources


  • The price is a bit steep for beginners