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What is Hipclip?

Hipclip is a video editor powered by artificial intelligence that enables users to cut, add captions, and reuse audio and video clips.

What sets Hipclip apart is its capability to edit unprocessed video clips by eliminating unnecessary words, pauses, inappropriate language, and overused terms automatically, which simplifies the process of producing complete video content for YouTube and various social media channels. It offers AI-generated clip recommendations, simplifies caption insertion, and permits users to modify text styles, backgrounds, and import images.

FE – Hipclip Pro – $1188

The most powerful version of Hipclip:

  • GPT chat with your video
  • Repurpose videos into articles
  • AI keywords
  • No watermark
  • Transcribe content in 35+ languages
  • 4K video output resolution


    • AI-Powered Video Editing:
      Hipclip uses artificial intelligence to make the video editing process easier and better. Hipclip optimizes your workflow by automating time-consuming tasks and making insightful recommendations using sophisticated algorithms.
    • Simple User Interface:
      Even without technical experience, you can quickly navigate through Hipclip’s editing tools and features thanks to its simple user interface. Anyone can easily create professional-quality videos thanks to the user-friendly design.
    • Automated Transcripts:
      Bid farewell to manual transcription with automated transcripts! Hipclip saves you time and effort by automatically creating text transcripts from your audio and video files. This feature comes in handy when performing content analysis or adding captions and subtitles.
    • Speech Analysis:
      Hipclip offers thorough speech analysis in addition to standard transcription. Hipclip facilitates the process of pinpointing areas for improvement and optimizing content for maximum impact by identifying key phrases and speech patterns.
    • Eliminate Superfluous Words:
      Remove “umms” and “ahhs” from your videos with a single click. The filler word removal feature in Hipclip ensures that your content is professional, clear, and concise, improving the viewing experience for viewers as a whole.


    • Find and Eliminate Silences:
      Prolonged pauses and awkward silences can make your videos less fluid. Hipclip makes it simple to identify and eliminate awkward pauses, ensuring that your audience is interested throughout.
    • Add Subtitles:
      You can reach a wider audience with your videos by including subtitles. Hipclip makes it simple and quick to add captions in multiple languages so that users of all hearing levels and language preferences can enjoy your content


    • Customize Captions:
      Make your captions unique to your brand or preferred aesthetic. You can make your captions stand out and complement your brand identity by selecting from a wide range of fonts, colors, and styles with Hipclip’s customization options.
    • Effective Content Extraction:
      You can easily recognize and extract the most interesting segments of your videos with Hipclip’s AI-powered content extraction feature. Hipclip makes it simple to draw attention to the standout elements of your content, whether it’s a captivating quotation, a humorous scene, or a perceptive remark.
    • Success Ratings:
      Are you unsure of the sections of your video that your viewers are most likely to connect with? Hipclip rates each clip’s success, providing useful information about the most interesting and powerful parts.


  • Auto Title Generation:
    It can be difficult to develop interesting titles for your videos. Hipclip’s auto title generation feature allows you to save time and creative energy by producing eye-catching titles for your clips instantly.
  • Simplify Social Captions:
    You can easily write interesting captions for your social media posts with Hipclip. You can easily create captivating captions that pique interest and promote interaction with its simplified captioning tools and templates.

How Does It Work?

  1. Upload a video or enter a YouTube URL
  2. Clip and trim your videos in a text-based video editor interface – no timelines
  3. Create social media clips from your long-form content with AI
  4. Export text, captioned videos, and SRTs


  • The use of AI technology streamlines video editing processes.
  • Time-saving automatic transcription and subtitle creation.
  • Effortless removal of filler words and pauses with just one click.
  • Capability to import files from well-known cloud storage platforms.
  • Customizable subtitles for improved viewer interaction.


  • Constraints like a maximum upload size of 2GB and a low bit rate for exported videos.

Who should Use Hipclip?

  • Marketing Agencies looking to streamline their content creation process.
  • Companies aiming to repurpose their podcasts and webinars for social media and other platforms.
  • Individuals and businesses seeking to transcribe and translate their audio and video content efficiently.
  • Content creators interested in creating engaging short clips for social media without the need for extensive editing skills.
  • Anyone looking to save time and money by using AI-powered tools for video editing and content repurposing.


In summary, Hipclip is a revolutionary tool that transforms the way you handle and distribute video content. Its user-friendly interface and advanced functions are essential for content creators, marketers, and businesses. By improving teamwork and simplifying video processes, Hipclip enhances efficiency and innovation.

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