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AliShark is a spy tool that looks at different pieces of data on Aliexpress. Also let the dropshipper know what products they should sell and which products to stay away from. It was created by Yousef Khalidi, an expert in the field of dropshipping. This tool gives you everything you need to successfully find products for Dropship or sell online.

What is AliShark?

AliShark is a powerful dropshipping product research tool that helps you find successful dropshipping products. It has a huge product database and a very user-friendly interface. This tool gives you in-depth data on order counts, wishlists, product performance, sales trends, top countries and top buyers.

  • Unlimited Searches
  • Access To All Data
  • Save Products
  • Daily Added Products
  • The Road To A Happy Rich Life
  • And Much More
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Why should you use AliShark?

Alishark is a product research software that makes life easy for dropshippers by providing them with a library of hot selling products to sell and a statistical breakdown of the performance of each product.

Who should use AliShark?

  • You are just starting to dropshipping: If you have a little idea about which products to dropship, AliShark is a great help.
  • You require a large product database: Ali Shark has more than 4 million products updated hourly.
  • You don’t have much to spare: With a reasonable price and savings, Ali Shark is one of the dropshipping product research tools that is well worth your investment.
  • You don’t need more than product research features: Besides the ability to research winning products, AliShark doesn’t offer many extra features like ad spying, competitor analysis or recommendations interests.

What are the benifits of using AliShark?

  • Live Results
    Their servers keep updating the products daily order number on an hourly basis. This keeps you ahead knowing what product is selling at every moment. Of course, this also reveals hidden gems as you see a lot of products rising and some others falling.
  • Learn Everything You Need About Any Product
    See if it has a video on the aliexpress page, is it being dropshipped, does it have epacket, pricing, reviews, total amount of orders, quick view on sales, top countries it’s being sold in, top dropshippers that are making money off this product, sales history over the last 2-6 months, shopify stores and other online stores that are selling this. This page is all you need to easily identify winning products.
  • Product Performance
    You can see the history of sales and adds to wishlist over the last 2-6 months. Which can allow you to predict trends and see when you could make a lot of money running ads to it vs. when it won’t work because it’s out of season. This feature is extremely important before you test a product.
  • Top Countries & Dropshippers
    These two features in the product page will allow you to identify where the hottest market for this product is, and which dropshippers are selling it.
  • Matching Pages
    See all the sites online selling this same product on their stores. Find other dropshippers, study their pricing, layout and even ads once you find them here.
  • Advanced Filters
    These filters will allow you find those hidden products who haven’t made it yet to the best selling lists!
  • Even more Advanced Filters
    Video ads usually do much better than just images that’s why we have a filter to see if the product has a video on the Aliexpress listing page so you can use it in ads. Sharkos will also show products that have multiple orders from the same seller, In other words, being dropshipped
  • Save Products
    Click once on the heart on the product page and it will be saved to your “Saved” tab. Sometimes you see products you want to check out later, you bookmark them or put them somewhere you won’t find again. Now you can just save them in AliShark
  • Niches
    Sharkos also gives you an updated list of niches you can find winning products in. There are dozens of niches you can test and Sharkos keeps adding to the list regularly. This is great for beginners to stop being lost and finally find your niche. And advanced dropshippers can use this for brainstorming and niche hunting. This feature alone is worth the price and more!
  • Search Products By name or search by URL
    You can type in the name of a product or search it by AliExpress URL to let Sharkos analyze its data and tell you all the sexy stats you see on the product page.

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Is AliShark free? This tool offers AliShark free trial version for $1 for 2 days. And then if you want to continue using it, you have to upgrade to a higher package. So, IMNuke we understand your pocket, we offer higher packages with longer usage time with super preferential prices. You will definitely need it! If you are looking for such a tool, do not hesitate to order it here. Thank you!

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